Film Noir

Film noir is extremely important art and design reference (at least to me it is) – not just because of strong female characters that were written for the silver screen , but also for the multiple layers of well balanced art direction – something that is indirectly a key factor in all weddings!  This genre also showcased the energy of New York City at its most glamorous and its mysterious raw romance.  I could write to no end on this but, let’s not.  Let’s focus on brides!

Here are two looks I designed inspired by key trends of that era.  The first is a fun take on the “short play suit” with a tailored romper good enough to use as a primary bridal look (dressed up with fabulous opulent heels, jewelry, and/or perhaps a short veil or hair jewelry).  The second look is a contemporary take on the classic mermaid evening gown but with a lighter weight and more streamlined tailored construction/design details.

Both designs would be particularly beneficial to both a short or long-waisted body and narrow or sloped shoulders.  All waist seaming details can be maneuvered to a balanced figure-level and both bodices fill and raise the shoulder-line – The magic of illusion, “Lights, camera, action!”

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