How It Works

Do you really want to run around from one overwhelming to the next run-of-the-mill bridal salon?  Including an exasperating entourage of bffs, sisters, moms, etc?

Do you want to spend countless months, weeks, days and hours in an overwhelming sea of factory mass-produced (predictable and heavy, between 10 and 30 lbs.) wedding dresses?

Do you want to hunt endlessly on Pinterest, brick-n-mortar stores and ordering/returning online until you go blind?

Time is money.  Juggling a career and personal life (and now planning a wedding too?!) is enough to overwhelm any woman!

Also, regardless of price tag or brand, you are buying a dress-design that multiple brides will be wearing!  In today’s daily social media-driven lifestyle, what bride wants to be a clone?!  You get one shot at your special day!

Check “the dress” off the to-do list as quickly as possible and make your wedding day truly special with a memorable and beautiful hand-cut/made Marquez custom bridal design tailored to you!

The process is convenient, efficient and most importantly, fun!

Step 1
Book your 1 hour consultation conveniently at your home or office in the NYC area.

In addition to your wedding details, I will also learn more about you, your story and personal inspiration.  I will walk you through a few past general conceptual designs along with fabric samples as visual aids so you have a better understanding of how I work – explain the process in further detail.

I will also conduct and discuss with you a body type analysis to implement into the design process going forward – remember, the main objective in designing your bridal look is to showcase you at your very best on that special day!  It is your awesome prize red carpet moment!

Step 2
For our second meeting, we will review sketches of your custom designs.
  We will go over the logistics of your full wedding look, the final cost and timeline for your fitting through delivery (timeliness vary between 30 – 60 days, however rush services are sometimes a possibility.)

Step 3
Your dress is delivered and ready to go!  Showtime!  You look one-of couture stunning!  You get married!  You live happily ever after (while referring to all future brides that cross your path)!  A toast!

Let’s book your consultations!

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