The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a fashion-privy land called New York City, a newly engaged maiden reached out to me with the idea of designing her wedding dress.

“I have looked at every bridal salon, magazine, blog, Pinterest, etc., and nothing appeals to me.  Everything is either too overdone, predictable or a ridiculous 5 to 6 high-bracket figure price tag!  I want something that is modern, feminine but not too simple in design and fit.  You’re a highly experienced women’s ready-to-wear designer with an excellent understanding of the female body and fit.  I am not sure if this would interest you. Does it?”, she declared.

This was not a common bridal design inquiry.  I accepted to design her dress but, this also opened a new creative and uncharted path for me.

Today, many brides don’t want to wear an embellished, flamboyant Cinderella-like bridal dress.  However, they still want to feel and look amazing on their wedding day.  Most importantly, why pay any amount of money for a dress from a brand’s existing collection – that is also cloned and sold to hundreds, even thousands of other brides?

A wedding is one of the most (if not THE most) important day in a woman’s life – her bridal dress/look should be custom designed just for her!

Now that we live in a social media dependent world, those wedding memories are immortal in cyber-space.  A bride’s wedding dress should be a statement that is hers alone!

That is why today I am very excited to offer you custom bridal quality service that delivers awesome personal design!

Check out this rubies and diamonds fairy-tale……….